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WordPress Maintenence

Did you know you need to maintain your WordPress website?

WordPress Maintenance is necessary to carry out as it keeps your site functioning.  It is also required  to have a healthy website and secure website.

WordPress Maintenance at a minimum, includes three types of updates;

Updates occur on a regular basis and are instigated by the WordPress core team.  Updates address functionality issues, display issues, compatibility issues and security issues and alerts.

Local Biz SEO uses Divi a premium theme.  Divi is also regularly updated, just like any other premium theme. Updates include the addition of new features, bug fixes and security hole patching.

Likewise premium plugins are also regularly updated for the same reasons.

When you stay on top of your website maintenance and update your WordPress site to the most recent version of the WordPress core, plugins and themes, you are taking every reasonable action to ensure your website is stable, feature rich and as secure as it can be at that point in time.

No one can guarantee that a website will not be hacked.  Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities and opportunities to access a website.

The Challenges of WordPress Maintenance

Maintaining your WordPress website can be challenging because the process can be very time consuming and beyond your knowledge and skill set.

Our Monthly maintenance service will manage the necessary updates for you, regardless of whether there are 5 or 25 updates a month.

Our service also includes the installation of a premium backup plugin to ensure your site is secure.

WordPress Maintenence

Keep your website functioning, up to date and secure with our monthly service

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