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If you are marketing to people on social media platforms, you have to know what is going to resonate with your target consumer base. Social media is composed mostly of Millennials and digital natives. You have your older crowd too, but younger generations are a little more integrated into the social media craze of staying socially connected. Your marketing should aim to fit the social media model which is not quite the same as other media formats where you have a lot more freedom to operate.


Before you attempt to post ads on social media, you must take into consideration that each ad is going to an entire network of people, not simply to individual recipients. This can be both good and bad news for marketers. It is good if the ad is well received, because it potentially becomes a positive talking point for an individual and their friends. If it resonates well with people, it might even go viral. For example, Old Spice has established and maintains a reputation for out-of-the-box humor that connects with their male target audience without alienating women. Alternatively, if a recipient of your ad does not like your ad, they can quickly be a force for negative press across an entire network of connected people.  


Ads that get people laughing or that are generally funny will set the mood for a good experience for the recipient of your ad. For example, Wendy’s is famous for “roasting” people on their Twitter — so much so that people actually ask for it! Of course, people who are laughing it up like to share fun experiences with their friends. Legitimate humor is certainly one way to make your ads popular—especially if that humor is not rooted in political mudslinging or targeting certain groups of people in a way that would seem mean spirited.


Another good ad style for social media comes in the form of good vibes. For example, doTERRA often emphasizes their sustainable methods and good activities. Perhaps not as tempting to pass along to others as a funny ad, this kind of ad helps to express a positive message to consumers that is company or brand centric. What is good about this type of ad is that it is focused marketing that intends to get the consumer to relate with a brand or company because of the good things that company does.

To sum it up:

Good marketing efforts on social media platforms center around humor or positive brand and company experiences. Trying to operate outside these two areas of appealing to consumers can be tricky because of the social nature of social media platforms. To leverage the full potential of a social network, you must get ad viewers to believe that your ad is either fun or that your company relates in some way to the ideas that the ad recipient is passionate about in a positive light.

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