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Local businesses can really benefit from PPC Advertising, commonly called PPC (Pay Per Click).  Paid ads are what you see when you do a Google, Bing or Yahoo search.  They will usually have the word AD right next to them if they are a text ad.

PPC can generate new business fast and is a great tool to reach new customers and get your phone ringing with enquiries.

The most common PPC platforms are Google Adwords and Bing Ads.  The businesses that appear at the top of the search results on page 1 are paid ads.  The search engine shows the ads when a user enters the keyword term that your ad is targeting. The system works like an online auction.  But note that the  highest bidder does not automatically win.  The winning ad is the most ‘relevant’.  Quite a few factors need to be balanced to achieve high relevancy.  The ad copy must be persuasive to ‘get the click’, the target market and keywords needs to compliment your website landing page (where you are sending the user) as well as other factors that all help to create an ad that will see it placed on page 1.

Paid ads like those on Google, allow you to show information about your business such as telephone number and address, as well provide links directly to your website. This makes it very easy for a searcher to click on your website link or click on the Call/Telephone link to get in direct contact with you.  There is virtually no barrier to contacting your business.

PPC has a lot to offer small business.  If you are struggling with marketing using traditional methods or finding that word of mouth is unreliable, then you need to consider PPC for your long term business success.

Get Results Fast

A properly set up campaign can get results fast.  When we first set up a campaign we advise that the first month must allow for some testing of keywords and tweaking of the ad copy to see what ad combinations get the clicks. But within the first month you should see new enquiries coming in.

Effectively Measure Results

PPC ads are tracked and reports are provided.  PPC reports enable you to see what keywords people are using to find products and services you offer.  You can see how many clicks the ad got, what the best keywords to target are, the age of the people searching, popular search days etc.  This information is really valuable and helps you to understand who your target customers are and how they search for your products and services.

Unbeatable For Local Search

People are using their mobiles to search for products and services and businesses just like yours.  Ads can be targeted to specific areas.  Targeting specific areas means you are targeting the people most likely to come to your place of business.  Local businesses have an advantage over a larger business that is targeting nationally or globally, as the target audience is smaller. You are being smart by targeting people close to you, rather than wasting money on traditional advertising where you are reaching people that live nowhere near your business and will never come to you.

PPC is very beneficial to local business and the beauty is that when you have enough enquiries to reply to or quotes to prepare, they can be turned off. The cost of paid ads can get out of control if you do not know what you are doing. Paying for irrelevant clicks will add up over time.

If you are committed to building your business, you should get an agency to create and manage a campaign for you.  You will avoid paying out wasted money as well as keep your sanity when you have no clue why your ad is not performing well.

PPC can get results very fast and within a few months your business outlook can be much more promising.

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We also provide SEO services which helps to rank your website over the long term.

SEO and PPC used together can turn a business around and are an excellent investment for a business owner who is serious about succeeding.

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