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SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.  SEO optimizes your website so that you get more traffic and visitors to your website on the free search listings.  Your website needs to be set up so that you attract the right kind of potential customers.  If you are a builder in NSW but getting online enquiries for your availability in WA, your website is not set up to attract customers local to you in NSW.

If you offer beauty services but are getting online enquiries for supplying beauty machines, your website is not set up correctly.  The point of SEO is to undertake work to your website and other online channels to increase the amount of visitors to your site who are looking for what you do.

SEO may include;

  • Making your website mobile friendly
  • Updating the content on your website to support your core/target keywords
  • Increasing the performance of your website
  • Analyzing your competitions online activities
  • Developing linking strategies for long term success
  • Creating business listings online so you can be found all over the net

Google is where most people go to carry out their online searches, and we do focus on Google, but is also pays to make sure you rank in Bing and Yahoo too.

Can Your Site Get To Page 1?

Is your website built to rank?  Your website will not get on page 1 if it has technical issues that Google does not like. Slow website load times, images that are too heavy and the wrong target keywords will make it difficult for your business to get found online.  Your website needs to be responsive, load fast and the content needs to be relevant to your target market.

Is Your Competition Online?

Are your competitors doing Paid Ads or does their website rank really well?  How many business listings do your competitors have? How many social profiles do they use?  Do they have any videos on You Tube? Business listings, websites and other online material all help towards ranking a website. Do you know what you have to do to beat your competitors?


Business Listings

Business listings are critical to get listed in the search engines like Bing and Google. We can analyze your competition and work out how many you will need to get your website ranking.  Having 500 low quality business listings is not as good as having 40 high quality listings. Quality counts.  Creating business listings is very time consuming and most small biz owners prefer to outsource this to save time.

Unique Custom Content

Your website needs content that is well written and relevant to your target market.  A local site that offers services needs to have a services page that clearly spells out what you do.  Do not copy another websites content and use it as your own.  We can help you create unique targeted content. Having a website blog will help you efforts in the long term as it regularly update your site; a new post is new content and that’s what Google likes. Even a post a month is better than none at all.

Quality Links

Quality inbound links can be very beneficial to a website.  When your site is mentioned or linked to from a high quality website that can have a very positive impact on your site.  Links are crucial factor in SEO and each link that comes to your site has a range of factors attached to it that can either strengthen your site or weaken it.  Good SEO will ensure that the links coming to your site are well chosen and will benefit your site.

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