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What social media marketing benefits are there for a local Sydney business considering using Social Media as part of their advertising strategy?

Social Media when done well, can help put a small business on the internet ‘map’.  It will help boost your visibility and engage new customers, fans and followers.  For businesses that already have social profiles an active social campaign will help small business owners to strengthen relationships, enhance trust and build a strong client base.

Listed below are some of the benefits that your business can experience by strengthening your online presence and effectively utilizing the social media platform.

Social Media For Local Business

Help Build Your Online Reputation

Social media is of great help in building credibility and reputation, if your aim is to become an authority in your chosen field. You may use the social media platform to share relevant information, start conversations and provide feedback. This helps you to expand your established offline reputation. The next step is to pay attention as to what people are saying about your company. Provide timely replies to queries, additional information and generally give solutions to customers’ problems. Social media plays a key role when it comes to monitoring your company’s online reputation and is also highly effective in managing your online reputation

Connect With Customers

In this era of e-commerce, the competition for attention is tremendous. You need to combine strategy and creativity, if your goal is to attract potential clients. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Instagram provide you with the right platform for selling your company’s story. This inspires and motivates prospective clients to connect and engage with you. Show interest in your fans and followers, reply to their questions and solve their issues. They will definitely look upon you as a viable resource.

Connect With Businesses

In the online business scenario, everything revolves around the relationships you build with peers and like-minded businessmen. Connect with people who are sharing or talking about content similar to that of yours by joining and being active on LinkedIn and Google Plus Communities. Taking the time to post a comment or replying to a tweet helps to create goodwill and reciprocity among your peers. In addition, this helps you to strengthen your Business To Business ties, enhance your reach and an opportunity to tap into the following that they have established.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Effective use of your social accounts is very important for driving traffic to your website. Do research on keywords and understand the proper terms and phrases that people who are looking for products and services similar to what you offer are typing into the browsers. Carefully engineer these keywords into the content in your posts, tweets and hashtags in order to raise awareness and guide interested clients directly to your website. More clients get attracted to your website, if you provide better quality content..

Another important aspect of social media is that it helps you to maintain and nurture your relationship not only with current customers, but with past clients as well. The bridge that you create by staying connected with past clients through social networking sites is invaluable. The more you engage with them, the more you connect and stay in their minds (and news feeds) for your specific industry.  Basically they don’t forget about your business, products and services

If you are committed to building your business, you should get an agency to create and manage a campaign for you.  You will avoid paying out wasted money as well as keep your sanity when you have no clue why your ad is not performing well.

PPC can get results very fast and within a few months your business outlook can be much more promising.

If you are serious about building your business give us a call or fill out our Enquiry Form here.

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SEO and PPC used together can turn a business around and are an excellent investment for a business owner who is serious about succeeding.

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