Keyword Research

Confused by keywords?

Have no idea what your business should try to rank for?


Keywords are THE starting point for anyone considering making money from an online business.  Your keyword selection WILL make or break your online success.

Many small business owners struggle with keyword research and don’t know where to start.  They are confused and have questions like:

What is a good keyword?
How can I find the easy to rank keywords?
I have a few keyword ideas but which one is the best choice?
“Seed Keyword” – what’s that?
How can I find out what my competition is doing?


How Does Our Keyword Research Work?

What is Your Core Product Or Service?

Supply us with your core product or service (your seed keyword) and we will expand on that. Your seed keyword may be 1 word or a phrase.  We will supply you with a list of keywords to help your website rank.

A Seed Keyword will be used to generate a list of other related keywords that you can use to build your target keyword list.

If you are a roofer and your business website offers roofing services you will want to know what other keywords you need to target.  This means that you will have to add Services targeting specific keywords (make sure they match what services you do offer) or write posts about the keywords/services/products to add to your blog or website.  Using roofing services as an example, a good keyword would be ‘roof repairs in Parramatta’ or whatever geographical area your business covers.

What's Included?
Included in our report is:

  • Search Volume Per Month
  • AdSense Competition
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Buy Now Keywords
  • Products Keywords
  • Keyword Ranking Difficulty

Our Keyword Research Report will help you understand how easy or difficult it will be to rank for a keyword. In SEO speech this is called Ranking Difficulty.

Ranking Difficulty guides us on how much effort, time and money it will take for you to get your chosen keywords onto Page 1.

Find Your BEST Keywords

Monthly Search Volume, Ranking Difficulty And More