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We are living in a very competitive business environment.  Anything that a business owner can do to improve their market position should be considered. Having a responsive website is something that can easily be implemented and can help your website in many ways.  Responsive code is part of a websites deign and means that the screen adjusts to suit whatever type of screen it is being viewed on.  Considering that the mobile device usage has increased exponentially, having a responsive website is absolutely necessarily.

Benefits Of Having A Responsive Website Design

Better User Experience

Responsive sites are easier to view on devices than a non-responsive website. A responsive website will automatically adjust image sizes and text, making it much easier for the reader to scroll down the page, click on links and click through to more pages.  A non-responsive site does not adjust in any of these areas and is extremely hard for the visitor to read anything.  If it’s too hard the website visitor will click away to another site.

What’s the harm in this you might ask?  Google knows how long visitors stay on your website pages.  When the user has a poor website experience and clicks away in a few seconds, Google will not award the site with higher rankings.

Great For Mobile Search

Any business owner wants to reach a larger audience.  More and more people are shopping online and searching for local businesses, like restaurants, hair salons, accountants and contractors using their mobile devices.  Having a responsive website has never been more important.  Mobile search is now a big business and a great opportunity for any local business owner to show in the local mobile search results.

Great Functionality

If you need a new website or want to convert an existing site, then contact us.  We use WordPress and Divi which create great looking sites that meet Googles responsive expectations.  Some businesses choose to have a mobile friendly site and a separate regular website. This just creates double the work. and double the cost.  Having one responsive website that can functions properly across multiple devices is the smart choice.

We use WordPress and Divi.  Divi is excellent for creating modern websites with scrolling effects, sliders on the home page and clean coding which will make your site load faster.  Our site is built using Divi.

Responsive website design is important and you seriously need to consider making sure the design of your site is responsive.  Rather than maintain two websites, one mobile friendly site and one for desktop, just choose a web designer who will build you a responsive website.

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