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Pay Per Click Ads – PPC

Local businesses can really benefit from PPC Advertising, commonly called PPC (Pay Per Click).  Paid ads are what you see when you do a Google, Bing or Yahoo search.  They will usually have the word AD right next to them if they are a text ad.  PPC can generate new business fast and is a great tool to reach new customers and get your phone ringing with enquiries.

The most common PPC platform is Google Adwords.  The businesses that appear at the top of the search results on page one are paid ads.  Google decides which is the best ad to show when a user types in the keyword term that an ad is targeting. The system works like an online auction but the highest bidder does not automatically win.

Ads that get the top spots are ads that are most ‘relevant’.  To get a highly relevant ad the ad copy must be persuasive to ‘get the click’, the ad must target the right market segment and the keywords needs to compliment your website (where you are sending the user), and you have to set the bid amount. Unfortunately if you do not know what you are doing in Google Adwords you will be spending a lot of money.

Paid ads like those on Google, allow you to show information about your business such as telephone number and address, as well provide links directly to your website. This makes it very easy for a searcher to click on your website link or click on the Call/Telephone link to get in direct contact with you.  There is virtually no barrier to contacting your business.


If you are struggling with marketing using traditional methods or finding that word of mouth is unreliable, then you need to consider PPC for your long term business success.


Location Targeting;

If you are a local business googles location targeting is a great feature for you.  Google ads allows you to target exact suburbs. When we set up an ad campaign, you can tell us which suburbs your ads need to target.  You can choose an area as small as a suburb or as big as the whole of Australia. Google ads also allows you to target people not in the targeted area but who are viewing pages about that area.

Mobile Targeting;

When we set up a campaign adwords allows us to target users on mobile devices. Mobile search is expanding rapidly and your business will benefit greatly by using this feature.  The majority of local searches are done by people using their phones looking for goods or services close to them.  To properly take advantage of mobile search your website needs to be responsive which will enable it to be viewed on all different sizes of mobile and tablet screens.

Language & Time Targeting;

If you serve customers that speak another language, Adwords has over 40 language options to choose from.  Googles ad targeting also allows us to set specific hours during the day for optimal ad delivery. You only pay when someone clicks; this is why it is called PPC, pay per click.

When we set up a relevant ad that is optimized your cost per click will be greatly reduced and you will reach people who are actively looking for what you offer. We set up a daily budget to make sure that you do not go over your ad spend.

Google also has advanced technology that can detect when someone (maybe your competitor) keeps clicking on your ad to increase how much you spend per day.  When this is detected by Google the clicks are taken off your account along with the charges.

Results Are Measurable:

Google Adwords allows you to clearly see which keyword is bringing in the most clicks and how much it is costing. It also drills down on other interesting data like, which time of the day is the best for your ads, the average age of the person who clicked an ad, what device they were using and more.  This data is very useful and helps you to clarify who is interested in your products and services.

Retarget Previous Site Visitors;

Google Adwords allows you to remarket to someone who has previously visited your website.  A separate campaign can be set up to target those people. By investing in Google Adwords a local business can significantly increase the amount of leads and new enquiries they receive.  For some businesses it is their main form of lead generation and for a small business it can mean the end of cold calling, networking or trying to drum up business.

We can set up a great campaign that can send customers straight to your website or get them calling your business to make an enquiry.  It’s a great fit for a small local business.

Pay Per Click - PPC

We suggest that you carry out keyword research before you commit to a PPC campaign, so you understand the potential costs of each keyword and click

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