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It’s always a good thing to reward those who’ve worked hard at your company with paid time off because there are always times in the year when they come in handy. Even if your employees are very dedicated to their work, slowing them down and encouraging them to take a vacation can renew their spirits and make them even more productive when they return. Just think how an employee will feel after taking a trip to the Disneyland or to their favorite city to watch their favorite team play a game. They will have renewed energy and be appreciative of the time off to catch their breath. But just as employees need to leave the office every once in a while to get refreshed, managers and executives should also take time to get some air outside the office.

The Mindset Towards Vacations Must Change

An article in the Miami Herald explained that many employee and manager vacations were going unused because people either were afraid of what those at the highest level would say about wanting time off, or the time of year was so busy it seemed to be the wrong time to do it. What people are realizing is that perhaps the old assumption that taking vacations is frowned upon isn’t really true. It may be time for workplace leaders to start showing leadership by taking vacations because managers need to encourage vacations by showing they can be taken.

Vacation Time Can Be A Time For Ideas To Come To Bosses

One of the best ways to run a company is always being ready to make changes because not only do you sometimes realize doing things differently than what you’ve been doing can make employees happy, but it can help keep you ahead of competitors. Sometimes the best place to realize changes are in order is on vacation. That may be because if you go traveling and you have a chance to see how things are done differently in different places, you might realize maybe these are things my company could do when you get back.

In summary, neglecting vacation time can be like neglecting sleep or important doctor’s visits because your company’s health can depend on it. Just simply telling your employees in off the cuff remarks that they should take vacations isn’t likely to affect the change at your company. They need to know that while they’re gone the work will be delegated accordingly and there will not be piles of paperwork or incomplete tasks waiting for them when they get back. As always, communication is most important when you want your employees to know that vacation time is theirs to use as they’re supposed to.

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