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If you want to be a successful entrepreneur or marketer, then you need to have a great team. Part of having a great team is making sure that they contribute to your business strategy. Without them on board, it’s like trying to sail a ship while people are rowing in different directions. So here are some suggestions for how you can encourage your team to perform in sync with your business strategy:

Align Goals

Like with any business, you can’t know where you are going without the proper goals in place. These motivate you, and more importantly, your team who will be doing much of the work. When you set goals you can use strategic alignment to make sure that all workers are on the same page. This ensures that both you and your employees have benefits in common when the strategy is successful. Don’t pass this step by, as getting that crucial buy-in at the beginning will make all the difference.

Create a Great Culture

To have a successful business strategy, your employees have to be able to commit to it 100%. This is not something that comes organically. You have to create it in your culture. This doesn’t mean offering more vacation time — it means insisting on a culture of excellence. When employees know that their bonus and compensation depend on them performing at a high level, you eliminate many problems right off the bat.

Nail Your Marketing

There are direct ways, such as above, to make your employees want to support your mission. Then there are indirect ways, which include having the right branding and marketing in place. When you have a great brand image and reputation, it makes people proud to work for you and they will bring their best to work every day.


Don’t make the mistake of resting on past success. You need to constantly innovate ways to encourage your team, as they will grow tired of the same old methods eventually. Be sure you have regular meeting with management as to the direction of your company and keep the challenges and goals exciting so that it will filter down into your execution of the strategies you lay out.

Provide Great Benefits

For your employees to be aligned with your business, you want them to be invested in the success of the company and happy to be there. Employees will be more invested in the work they are doing if they are well taken care of by the company. You can accomplish this by providing your employees with worthwhile benefits, including workers compensation insurance, group health insurance, unemployment insurance, and disability insurance.

The digital landscape of today’s world has made business even more competitive. It is no longer enough to launch new products or services by yourself without your team pulling their weight too. So use the methods above to get them on the same page and encourage them to contribute to your overall strategy for better results and profits.