How To Reduce Image Size

Are Your Images Slowing Your Website Down?

Images DO Impact How Fast Your Website Loads. Optimizing your images by compressing them will help speed up how fast your website loads.

Image compression minimizes the size in bytes of an image or graphic file.  The aim is to reduce the file size without losing or reducing the quality of the file as little as possible. The reduction of the file size allow you to upload more images onto your website using the same amount of disk/memory space.

How Its Done

We recommend 2 sites for this.  Both are free and both allow bulk upload of 20 images at once or 1 by 1.


They are straight forward to use, simply drag and drop the files into the software and they will go to work.

When downloading a bulk lot of reduced images they will be saved in a ZIP format, so you will need to be able to unzip the file and then save them to your hard drive or usb.


Use the JPEG format for your website and online photos. JPEG files can be viewed on most devices and most programs can open and save a JPEG file. The quality of a JPEG file is reduced when your images are compressed and saved but JPEG does support a wide range of colours. If you plan to continually edit your files, JPEG is not the format for the job. But if you need to display photos online,

Use PNG for graphics, files that are transparent like logos or mages that have very few colors.

Compressing just one image on your website will make very little impact on your website load time but if you compress all images on your site it will make a difference as the file sizes will be smaller, which will make the site load faster.


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