Do you wish you could design your own stunning graphics to use on your website and social media accounts, but feel that its impossible because you are not a graphic designer? Paying a designer to create weekly graphics for your social media accounts and website will cost a bomb! 

Even if you are completely clueless when it comes to colors, fonts and design, we have a solution for you.  

We recommend Canva. We use it and we love it.

Canva is software created for non-designers that will help you create website graphics, business materials and social media image posts, simply and easily.  For those who are design challenged it comes with loads of pre-made layouts that will make you look like a graphics superstar.  Creating great designs can be hard and just about impossible if you have no creative flair.  But Canva solves that problem.

And best of all the basic plan is FREE.

For many small business owners the basic plan will be enough, but if you need to create an image that you want to share across multiple social media platforms, you can use Canva For Work.

Canva For Work is very affordable and can help you create a brand kit, templates and instantly resizes 1 graphic into many other sizes.  The resizing feature alone will save you a ton of time when you need to post a graphic to multiple social media accounts.  Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest ect. all have different optimum sizes for their image posts.  A Facebook image post will not look great on Twitter unless it is resized. All the different social media platforms have different specifications and you need to adjust your images and graphics.  Canva For Work does this for you and saves you a lot of time.