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3 Predictions About the Future of SEO

Marketing is all about selling. Your business, your message, your product, or selling yourself are what you want people to know and believe in. To maintain and build upon your consumer base, you must always be ready to move alongside ever-evolving ideas. Consumers can...

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Amazon SEO vs Google SEO: What’s the Difference?

Approximately 55 percent of all consumers start a product search on Amazon, and 90 percent of consumers say that even if they have found the product in another location, they will check Amazon before making a purchase. Meanwhile, people are still turning to Google for...

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How Relationships Impact a Company

Relationships in the workplace are essential. You have probably heard this many times. You may ask yourself the reason why those relationships are so meaningful and why some companies invest so much time and money addressing this subject. Why are...

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How Vacations Benefit Employers As Much As Employees

It's always a good thing to reward those who've worked hard at your company with paid time off because there are always times in the year when they come in handy. Even if your employees are very dedicated to their work, slowing them down and encouraging them to take a...

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4 Strategies For Improving Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a crucial part of a successful strategy for every company today. With more and more customers creating social accounts, it is necessary if you want to stay in front of your target audience. However, you need the right strategies if you are...

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Bing it – Bing For Your Business 2018

Bing is owned by Microsoft.  Yahoo search is powered by Bing.  Bing searches are most commonly performed in Internet Explorer which is the default browser on Windows devices.  Even though Google is the dominating search engine it pays to optimise your business for...

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Construction SEO

Our Construction SEO strategies will help to get your business ranked online, both in the search engines and on mobile.   Every business owner whether it be a company, partnership or sole trader wants more targeted construction leads to keep them turning over jobs and...

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What Is Local SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.  SEO optimizes your website so that you get more traffic and visitors to your website on the free search listings.  Your website needs to be set up so that you attract the right kind of potential customers.  If you are a...

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What is PPC?

Local businesses can really benefit from PPC Advertising, commonly called PPC (Pay Per Click).  Paid ads are what you see when you do a Google, Bing or Yahoo search.  They will usually have the word AD right next to them if they are a text ad. PPC can generate new...

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2017 And Your Small Business

Heading towards a new year always gives small business owners a sense of excitement and hope for the year ahead. Perhaps you are planning on making a start with social media or want to gain a better understanding of online marketing. As small business operators we...

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Responsive Websites For Local Businesses

We are living in a very competitive business environment.  Anything that a business owner can do to improve their market position should be considered. Having a responsive website is something that can easily be implemented and can help your website in many ways....

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Social Media Marketing; How To Create Marketing Materials

I love using Canva and as a small business owner it has enabled me to create social media marketing graphics that are eye catching while keeping my brand consistent. I recommend Canva to small biz operators to help them understand how to create material for their...

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