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Bing Places Business Page Set Up

Bing search is the second largest search engine.  Yahoo search is powered by Bing and optimizing on 1 usually gets good results on the other too.  Bing search is not to be ignored.

We can create your Bing Places Business Business Page for your business.  If you are a business that has multiple physical locations you need to create a listing for each location. If you have more than 10 physical locations please let us know.

Benefits of having a listing on Bing Places:

  • It lets you manage how your business is viewed in search, video and maps
  • It is free to list your business
  • Fewer competitors are on Bing, meaning you can get the top spots easier
  • If you are considering Paid Ads, Bing is roughly 30% cheaper than Google Ads

We will require your business name, street address, contact email and telephone numbers as well as opening hours.  We will add up to 10 images for you and optimize the listing.

The listing will need to be verified.  Bing will send a postcard to the street address listed and in that post card will be a code that we require to complete the set up.

Note:  Bing will not accept a Po Box, virtual office address or a listing with only a suburb. It has to be a real physical address.


Bing Places Business Page Set Up

Take advantage of Bing search

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