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Bing is owned by Microsoft.  Yahoo search is powered by Bing.  Bing searches are most commonly performed in Internet Explorer which is the default browser on Windows devices.  Even though Google is the dominating search engine it pays to optimise your business for Bing also. 

Bing has Bing Places which is where you can list your business, they also have the best image display filters and display videos as thumbnails in the search browser.

Most business websites optimize for Google search, as they do have the largest market share…but don’t forget about Bing!

In Australia Bing/Yahoo market share is approximately 12%, in the USA its approximately 33% and in the UK its grown to 25% over the last 3 years. 

Yes Google is still dominating but Bing is focusing on the users experience and is delivering a better experience which is what people want.

In Australia 12% is equal to 192 million monthly searches!

The switch to Bing is slow but it is happening.  The big G and Facebook have become the new millennia big brother; they are tracking your online searches, likes and dislikes, what videos you watch, what you like to do and buy etc.

There are many websites and social accounts that deal with political issues that are being censored or their posts are not being shown in FB or in G search.  People like to make their own minds up, not be guided by a group of unknown people with advanced tech skills. 

Some people do feel uncomfortable with that level of control and others do not.  The ones that do not are looking for alternate social media platforms and browsers/search engines that don’t cross the invisible line.

On Windows devices Internet Explorer is the default browser and Bing the default search engine. 

Many people, especially those who are not tech savvy do not change the default settings.  Maybe your target market is among these people?

The types of broad categories of people that use Bing are:

  • Non tech savvy/happy with the default settings
  • Older/mature
  • Cortana users (Windows built in virtual assistant)
  • Programmers, coders and tech people (Bing has a great International maps function)

If you are considering online ads for your business, Bing ads costs are approximately 30% less then Google.

If you have tried to do online ads yourself, you know that a few hundred dollars doesn’t last long.

In 2017 Bing ads made many changes that improved their ads service. They included;

  • Scheduling for ad extensions; this means a business can show an extension on their ad during store hours or for time period; a specific promotion.
  • If you do use Google ads, you can import the campaign into Bing Ads. This means that your ad copy, extensions and budgets are imported. The newest feature added to the import feature is automation. This means that if you make a change in Google ads your Bing ads will automatically update.  We still advise to scan the import to make sure that all is in order, but generally it is. Scheduled imports can be automated for daily, weekly and monthly imports. Your Bing Ads become synced with Google Ads.  Remember Bing ads cost is approx 1/3 less.
  • Retargeting now enables excluded audiences. This means that you’re targeting can become even more specific.  Retargeting means that you are ‘re-targeting’ people who have previously interacted with you in some way; like visiting your website, making a purchase, clicking your contact number etc.   As an example you can exclude people who have already bought from you and who you do not want to see an ad promoting the same product at a discount. 

For general users Bing also offers reward points for search. Microsoft will pay you to use their search engine.

When you are signed in with your Microsoft account you earn points for each online search.

Bing Microsoft Rewards

The rewards available are gift cards, movies, apps and more. You can also donate your points for dollars to a charity. We donated to the Special Olympics.  

As at March 2018 you earn 3 points for each online search on PC or mobile. You can earn up to 180 points per day.  The points can be redeemed for shopping vouchers, X Box and Microsoft gift cards.  If your kids play X Box and search online, you might as well sign up and the points can contribute to the purchase of their next X Box game.  You can find out more here.

If you use Bitcoin you can also add Bitcoin to your Microsoft account for purchases.

The layout and display of Bing search is easy on the eye and makes better use of the on screen space.

Google is still dominating the search engines and it’s what a lot of people are use to using, continue to optimize your online properties for it.

But don’t discount Bing.  It does have some great features and delivers good results for the search terms entered into the search bar.  Bing is powered by Microsoft and continues to roll out improvements, which will slowly bring people back. 

Adding your business to Bing places ensures that you will show up in Bing search and we can help you do that.

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