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Approximately 55 percent of all consumers start a product search on Amazon, and 90 percent of consumers say that even if they have found the product in another location, they will check Amazon before making a purchase. Meanwhile, people are still turning to Google for many other purposes, including learning more about a company or service. If you are a marketer, then you need to be doing search engine optimization (SEO) on both. Yet, the items you need to concentrate on to maximize your return-on-investment are unique.


While you need to know which keywords to use on both Amazon and Google, the way that you use them is different on each platform. On Google, the keyword phrase, known as a longtail keyword, needs to be kept together to affect your ranking. On the other hand, you can break them up on Amazon. Let’s assume that your longtail keyword is “red horse halter made of nylon.” On Amazon, you might use “red horse halter” under one bullet point and “made of nylon” under another, and it would still count.


Google appears to have the stronger program when it comes to considering your piece as a whole. Therefore, it is possible to rank well without using your keywords even once in the article as long as you are providing value to the reader. On Amazon, you need to make sure to use your keywords. You should also put the most important one in the heading.


While Google and Amazon both keep their algorithms a well-guarded secret on how they rank sites, it seems that getting good reviews is equally important to ranking well on both. On Google, however, link building is an important aspect of ranking well. Amazon does not allow users to link to any outside websites. Amazon SEO consultants say that if you are going to do well on Amazon, then consider using keywords as a major ranking factor.

Different Ultimate Purpose

The two sites have a very different endpoint. Google wants to deliver the best user experience, so they will rank sites higher that prove they are experts in a field, provide authoritative information and are reputable. Meanwhile, Amazon wants to sell products, and they will rank sites based on sales volume.

While it is possible to do well on both Amazon and Google, it takes two different methods. Use these ideas and your own ingenuity to rank well on both if you are selling a product.