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If you run a business, then you need to have a firm grasp of the technology that is affecting it at every turn. If you don’t, you could put your business at risk when it’s not necessary. However, with the right approach, you can prevent or deal with these business tech issues ahead of time. Here are four overlooked areas that you need to pay particular attention to:

PKI Breaches

A PKI, or public key infrastructure, is a set of determined policies or protocols that is used to create and manage digital signatures or certificates. However, because they are public key encryption, everyone can see certain aspects of the code, leaving you open to hackers. “By conducting regular security risk assessments, you can work with your team to determine the existence of risks and employ a PKI refresh to reduce the risk of a security breach” (source here).

Network Monitoring

Your network is the collection of devices that communicate with each other in your business. They are the backbone of your IT, such as servers, computers, and mobile devices. If a cyber attacker gains access, they can wreak havoc in no time. Using network monitoring tools allows you to capture this traffic and kick it out when you need to the most. “Network monitoring is perhaps the most proactive way to deal with problems so that you can stay ahead of them, especially since you will be monitored 24/7” (source here).

Website Scripting

Your website contains a lot of code. While it may look simple on the face of things, there is a lot of room for exploitation. You need to prevent scripting attacks via JavaScript with specific blockers in your websites’ code. One of the most easily exploited plugins within browsers is Adobe Flash. “one method malware authors use to accomplish this is by embedding an obfuscated Adobe Flash file within the JavaScript. Flash is frequently used due to its seemingly never-ending set of vulnerabilities” (source here). So if you’re using Flash anywhere in your website, you need to make sure it is locked down tight, and that you have a dedicated employee or team (depending on the size of your company) monitoring your cyber-security.


Perhaps one of the most overlooked business technology dangers is email. Phishing takes place over email when cybercriminals attempt to gain access to your information about your business. It can sound silly at times, and no one wants to believe that they’d fall for such a thing, but around 30% of phishing emails get opened (source here). They will try to get anything they can such as: personal information on employees, customers, or even your commercial transactions. To protect against this, have all of your email filtered through a stripping application that does not allow outside links to run inside of your internal system. That way all emails are essentially turned into plain text.

When it comes to business in the modern digital world, there are more risks than ever before. If you are going to weather the storm with your company, you need to understand which parts of your technology stack are putting you most at risk. That way, you can create plans to meet the issues head-on and put yourself in the best position to succeed. So review the commonly overlooked business technology issues above and take action on them today.

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