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Marketing is all about selling. Your business, your message, your product, or selling yourself are what you want people to know and believe in. To maintain and build upon your consumer base, you must always be ready to move alongside ever-evolving ideas. Consumers can be a fickle audience, and you will often feel like you are trying to capture a constantly moving target. These following trends are just some of the newer concepts that are coming to the forefront of marketing.

Content Will Still Be King

Content is the backbone of any successful marketing campaign. No matter what new types of technology and trends come along, good content will always provide the information or entertainment that people demand. However, how people access content is an ever-evolving trend. One increasingly relevant method that people are using to interact with information and content is through voice technology. Alexa and Siri have profoundly affected how today’s media consumer interacts with online content.

The primary use of voice technology as it pertains to content is to ask questions about items of interest. People are becoming more accustomed to devices with voice-activated technology that becomes attuned to its users, and they are asking for information in conversationally formed questions. Future content will need to be formatted in such a way that it can be easily accessed as an answer to the questions users have.

Organic Search Will Start to Dominate

Unless they are already existing customers, the first interaction most consumers have with a brand is via a Google search. This type of search is often organic unpaid search queries occasioned by users who enter in natural search terms into search engines. Google and other search engines will rank the relevance of your site according to how the content matches the search terms and if there are relevant links to and from your site from popular and often-visited sites. Traditional advertising is waning, and the attention of users has to be earned, unlike in previous times when there wasn’t as much online content vying for attention. The competition for consumer interaction and retention is real, and you need to be equipped for winning.

Digital Audio for All Types of Broadcasts

Digital audio is here and ready for you to tap into for marketing outreaches. Not just for playing music, today digital audio is used for newscasts, podcasts, and other content-driven segments. Incorporating these types of broadcasts can expand your audience scope as consumers listen to content onsite and offsite. Now is the time to utilize modern audio techniques to reach new demographics.

Podcasts are particularly popular with many media personalities, making regular podcasts that are very similar to video series. In fact, a lot of these trendier podcasts are taped live in front of audiences, adding to the personal allure. Podcasts have extended lives because they can be downloaded for future use. Many chose to listen while exercising, long bus or train rides, or while they work. If you have podcasts on your site, be sure to have relevant and compelling information that will draw and keep visitors coming back to your site.

Keeping your message and product fresh and relevant is a constant process. It is not enough to reach a certain number of consumers and call it finished. To keep and grow this base, you must always be on top of new and current consumer behaviors. What people have done in the past and are doing now can and will change over time. There are many exciting new trends amongst today’s consumers, and you can take advantage of these new methods of communication to reach more people.